Monday, 3 January 2011

The start of my triathlon training

One my goals is to complete a sprint triathlon this year, so I started some training. It actually began just after Christmas while visiting family in a local pool.

It began badly. I now see swimming is not only difficult, but I'm rubbish at it. I did 2 lengths to begin with, and then thought, I cannot do this. I carried on for a bit, and probably did about 9 lengths in total.

My running has conditioned me to not get tired, and I have the fitness to cope, but I don't have the psychology to do it. When I feel I'm getting out of breath while running, what is the worst that can happen? I stop. In a pool, or a lake, what's the worst that can happen if I get out of breath/energy; I drown. This was forever in my mind.

I will need to get some proper lessons in order to get some confidence, and improve my technique in the pool. I aim to complete my first triathlon in a pool in order to help this.

I have had a road bike for a while as I knew I wanted to do a triathlon, so it was time to get it out. I went out at the end of the year for a quick 6 miles to see how the bike worked and how I'd cope. All was good. I didn't really try and did 6 miles in just over 23 minutes. Not quick, but I was comfy and didn't really expend much energy. I could've gone much quicker.

I then went out for a 10 mile jaunt along one of my running routes, and really enjoyed it. Again, I stuck to the same pace but it all felt comfortable. I'm sure when I try to go for it I will find it tough, but at the minute, I just want to get used to the bike and riding again.

As for running, I will just keep ticking over. I do 3 sessions a week and I won't change this. I have a half marathon in March, and will continue to compete in local races to improve. I also plan to complete more Parkruns in order to improve my short distance pace.

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