Monday, 3 January 2011

Skins Compression Clothing - Further review

I used the Skins compression clothing I have (Full Tights and Top) in a recent 10k. I hadn't used them before.


  • Make you feel good. They made me feel like an athlete. 
  • Keep you warm in the cold (and cold in the warm!)
  • Look good! I had a few comments about how good they look.
  • Trousers were very good
  • Had sore muscles after the event. Didn't wear them for long after admittedly and did run much quicker than normal.
  • Top kept riding up while running, in the end, I gave up.
The last point needs some clarification. Having lost over 12 stone, I have a bit of a stomach due to excess skin from the weight loss. Now, compression clothing should be ideal to 'hold' that in. And it did, while I stood there.

While running, it kept going over the top my stomach and up to around my rib cage which was rather annoying and off putting. It did however compress on oncoming stitch I could feel!

It's almost like it only works on flat stomached people, and do they really need compression clothing?

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