Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Paying for companies to upgrade their services

Perhaps it is just me, but this is getting more common.

Today, I caught the train, and as most people are aware, the price has gone up. Over 10% on my route. This is to pay for new trains, improve the tracks and so on.

2 problems:
  1. This brings it very into line with driving my car, so why catch the train?
  2. I'm paying for a company to upgrade their services
The second point is the one I have an issue with.

BT are currently doing the same thing. Everyone in the UK who pays BT line rental currently gives them money which they are putting towards the cost of upgrading their services in the future to provide quicker broadband.

I cannot work out how this is fair.

They are businesses. They generate profits. They should pay for the upgrade from their own pocket, and then reap the benefits when they are finished. They should not be charging me more now to upgrade their services, and then charge me more for their super fast broadband or trains which arrive on time.

You don't buy a holiday, only to be told that they will build the hotel when they've had enough bookings, do you?

And, having paid my extra 10%, the first train of the year was late. No improvement there then.

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