Thursday, 6 January 2011

Entered my first triathlon

I have taken the plunge, and decided to enter my first triathlon. I have entered the Newmarket triathlon which is a Sprint triathlon with the following distances:
  • 300m pool swim
  • 22k bike ride
  • 4k run
I decided for a sprint triathlon for several reasons. It fits into my yearly schedule quite well. I can focus on this before starting to train for the Nottingham Marathon, and will give me an excuse to focus on other sports which can only be good for training and weight loss.

The run I'm confident enough with. I need to improve my times, but 4k will be fine. I'm yet to run 4k after doing the swim/cycle so I might change my mind having completed it! It also gives me a chance to focus on improving my speed at the shorter distances, like 5k and 10k. This will help with building a base for the longer runs later in the year.

The bike I'm okay with. The area is very flat and this will help. I've only been cycling for 1 week and did a 10 mile ride in an okay time. I wasn't tired, sore or out of breath so I can push a lot more here I feel. It wasn't the quickest time in the World, but compared to where I started running from, and where I will begin swimming from, this is a good base to start from.

The swim is the section which worries me. I've never been a good swimmer, and have always been a bit timid when swimming. I need to just get time in the pool and improve my technique. I can swim lengths already, but my technique is so poor it is like swimming through treacle at times.

My aim is just to finish. I don't see that changing.

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