Monday, 21 June 2010

Weight Loss - 9 stone lost

I didn't want to turn my blog into a weight loss diary, as to be honest, I think it's something which I am embarrassed about.

April 2009 I made a decision to start losing weight. I had reached 25 stone 3lbs. This is a large weight by anyones standard, and it is something I had done over around 12 years. It is not something which happened quickly, and because it was slow, I had barely noticed.

I decided to try dieting. I just counted calories for a while. This was okay at first, and I lost a stone quite quickly but it soon slowed to a stop. The problem was, you can cut as many calories as you like, but if you are eating the wrong kind of calories, it won't help. Your body also goes into starvation mode and it clings on to any food you consume.

I was recommended weight watchers by someone who had already lost a substantial amount at this point. I admit, I was sceptical. It made no sense to eat more food then I was doing, and lose weight. I even rang their customer services to ask how on earth I was going to eat this amount of food in the day.

I'm glad I stuck with it.

Just over a year on, I've lost 9 stone in total, and am currently at 16 stone 3lb. I have around another 4 stone to lose before I reach my goal weight, and this could take me another year.

It has helped me to start running. I've started playing cricket again. I can buy clothes from any shops, in what I'd describe as normal sizes. I don't feel like I'm the biggest person at an event when I go. It even felt good when I was offered to borrow someones jumper who was substantially smaller than me to play cricket in. It didn't fit, but it was good to think that they didn't see me as being far to big to wear their jumper!!

If you are starting a weight loss plan, thinking about starting one, or need a kick up the arse to start, do it. Don't be put off. Stick with it through the good, and the bad. I've gone weeks where I've only 1lb, but soon it comes back and you are losing weight again.

Don't expect results overnight, it takes time. But, when the weight is off, you have the rest of your life to enjoy the results.

As for now, I'm off to find some pizza!!

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