Sunday, 20 June 2010

Cricket Match - 20/06/2010

Got a phone call at short notice to ask me to play in a friendly game. Got there just before the start of the game, with minutes to spare!

Went in at number 4, but the guys at the top of the order had put the team on about 180 with 30 overs gone. When I went in, I decided to just swing the bat. I really need time at the crease to sharpen up, but it was a friendly, and with so few overs remaining I decided to throw everything at it.

Managed a very nice flick off the pads and over the in-field for a boundary. Should have been a six but just fell short. I hit 19 off about the same number of balls before the ball stayed low and it me LBW. Was expecting it to get up higher, but it stayed rather low. We scored 245 off of 40 overs.

Did manage to take a good catch at mid on. My hands aren't used to catching the ball and they are covered from bruises from the last 2 days.

We won comfortably in the end as we skittled them out for 138. They did dig deep though as at one point they were on about 30-3 after 15 overs.

Good to win a match and score a few runs in the process. Not my usual style of play as I like time at the crease, but good fun none the less!

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