Friday, 25 June 2010

iPhone 4 - Now you have to hold it the right way?!

It's coming to something when you are being told by Apple, and their CEO, Steve Jobs' how to hold your new iPhone.
The iPhone 4G is suffering signal problems if it held incorrectly. The image below shows how NOT TO hold your iPhone.

So, not only is Apple content with telling you that you can't do this, or that, they are now telling you how to hold your phone as well. Why?

Because they manufactured it badly? Because the release was rushed? I've never been told by the makers of my HTC Desire, Nokia N900 or Blackberry Bold to hold it in a certain way. I also wasn't told to hold my iPhone 3G in a certain way either.

What they fail to understand is that people hold their touch phone in this very way. It is rather difficult to hold it one handed in any way which does not block, or interfere with antenna. Why can't Apple admit they got it wrong?

Oh no...That’s right. They sell a case for £25 which will fix the defect for you.

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