Saturday, 26 June 2010

Jorge Lorenzo - Dominating MotoGP 2010

Jorge Lorenzo is currently dominating the MotoGP 2010 season. Even before Valentino Rossi's crash, Lorenzo had a great start to the season.

My hunch for the year was a Lorenzo victory, and his first world championship in the premier class. He was pushing Rossi like never before. Drawing mistakes out of him like no one else has done.

Now, the problem I see is simple. Is the title diminished because Rossi is not there? Lorenzo seems to think so:

He is of course, right. It rarely happens when two sports man come together to produce that epic display, that epic race, epic season. It happened during Catalunya last year, in what has to be the greatest last lap of MotoGP:

I think they need each other. With Rossi's absence, and the possibility he might go to Ducati for 2011, the sport has lost something. To see them going head to head, on the same machinery would have been great. Rossi wins, his status is held. He is going down in history as the best rider of all time anyway, but he does not want to be beaten by his team mate.

Lorenzo wins, he beats the GOAT Rossi. On the same bike. He achieves legendary status.

Having said that, Rossi on an Italian bike, trying to win the World Championship and constructors title for Ducati, vs Lorenzo on a Yamaha and Stoner on a Honda would be a great season.

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