Saturday, 26 June 2010

Cricket Match - 26/06/2010

Another cricket match this week, and I made my come back behind the stumps. It has been a while (about 10 years) since I last kept in a match, but I actually did okay! Only 2 byes got past me in 40 overs, and I managed to take a good catch low down to my right one handed. So from the fielding perspective, it went well for me!

The team we played were top of the league, unbeaten, and we bowled them out for 190 odd in 39 overs.

I thought the total was chaseable. We got off to a good start, both openers got about 90 between them, if a little slowly. It left about 80 to get off 10 overs, which at this level, is difficult, but not impossible.

We did collapse. The middle order didn't get more than about 35 between us. I got run out first ball because the batsman refused to run. He apologised, but still, rather annoying when you have waited 6 hours to have a bat and a single was on the cards. We got bowled out for 150, which actually, against the best team in the league, wasn't a bad effort.

All in all, I would have liked to have won, but it was good to get behind the stumps again as it's something I enjoy doing. It's one of the only positions you are involved in every ball during the innings.

Hopefully I can wicket keep again next week!

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