Sunday, 27 June 2010

England out of the World Cup 2010

Well, we all knew it would happen eventually.

Finally England are out at the hands of Germany. A 4-1 loss, with a couple of debatable points including Frank Lampard's goal which never counted.

Everyone will call for Fabio Capello to resign, or get the sack. The fact is, it won't change anything. Sacking Capello won't suddenly give England a good side. During the qualifying campaign, England played some good stuff and he gave the squad belief.

We aren't good enough. We don't have the squad to challenge for World honours. We have some good individuals, but not a collective team which you need.

No one will improve the squad at the time, so we may as well stick with Fabio. Continuity breeds success in the long run. Trusting him, and giving him time to improve the players over the longer term and bringing through the next generation is what needs to happen. Not one coach in the World would have done any better in this tournament with the England side.

It's a real shame, but look back to the previous results. Not qualifying for the Euros. Going out to Croatia. Anything was a step up from that.

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