Monday, 24 May 2010

Mobile Phones Direct - HTC Desire

I decided to take the plunge for the HTC Desire after having a play with a colleagues phone. It really impressed me, and it looks like a great piece of kit.

Having searched for the cheapest contract for the HTC Desire online, I ended up at Mobile Phones Direct (

I ordered the phone on a 24 hour delivery, and it should have arrived the next day. It didn't. The phone was then showing a 3 day wait. It still didn't arrive.

Several emails were to customer services, none of which have been responded to. I decided to call, and was fobbed off with fake dates etc. At least they answered the phone I guess!

I decided to sit out as it was down to the ash cloud apparently. A couple of days went by and I got this little email from Mobile Phones Direct:

"Mobile Phones Direct is an ultimate partner of HTC and as soon as the stock is available, we will be allocated that stock in preference to other suppliers. There have been a number of reasons for the delay the most significant is the volcanic ash disruption to flights which has caused many companies to experience the same difficulty we are. We appreciate that you could choose to purchase the phone in a retail store, again depending on whether they have stock however, you would not receive the same offer as Mobile Phones Direct, which is highly competitive.

We also appreciate that the website has stated 7-days to delivery and again it must be frustrating to hear from our Customer Services Agents that delivery is immanent , we have only been conveying what we have been advised by the distributor for HTC. The latest update is that the HTC Desire is due to be delivered to the distributor the 2nd week of June, obviously we are doing everything we can to bring that date forward and to locate stock from other sources.

We will keep you informed by email as to the latest updates, and again we do understand your frustrations."

In the end, I cancelled. They didn't ask why. They didn't try to convince me to stay. Their cancellation procedure was swift. I got an email before I put the phone down to say it was cancelled!

I have since ordered the phone with the Carphone Warehouse, and it is ready to be collected the very same day. No such ash cloud problems for the Carphone Warehouse!


Richard said...

I suffered a similar experience, ordering an HTC Desire on a Voda plan with expectation of next day delivery, the 'phone was clearly advertised as being in stock. There was the added complication of ordering on a Friday of a bank holiday weekend but there was no mention of working days, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt when the 'phone didn't arrive on the Saturday. However, when the 'phone didn't arrive in the post on the Tuesday I made contact with Customer services department who said that they were behind with their credit vets and the department didn't work over the weekend. They said that they'd contacted their fulfilment for an update. On asking when they'd get something back from them the answer was, 'by end of the day.' I pointed out that I was expecting the 'phone by then as advertised and they responded saying it wasn't possible. I said I'd cancel' expecting some form or reaction or escalation but as you experienced this was carried out in the most efficient manner, a confirmation email being received before the conversation ended!! If only provisioning was the same!!! I tried contacting the CEO but guess what, no response. I can only assume that this 'ultimate partner' is a very small operation hiding behind an impressive looking web site if I'm not the only person who has experienced this.

Jason Pattinson said...

Such a shame, because they have a good website, offer good deals and must get a few sales, but they treat customers so badly. I understand things might be out of their control, but the reviews elsewhere on the web are not positive.

Did you get the phone from somewhere else in the end? It really is worth getting. Superb phone.