Wednesday, 26 May 2010

HTC Desire Review

Wow...what a phone!

I have owned them all. I've had the iPhone 3G, Nokia N900 and the Blackberry Bold. However, nothing comes close to the HTC Desire.

The sheer speed of the device is amazing. Moving between applications is seamless, and the UI is a joy to use because of this. The customisable desktops and the way you move between them is also a great idea.

I was surprised by the battery life. I'm going a good charge out of it. Probably up to two days with a mix of phone calls, texts, email, web browsing and mixing between Wi-Fi and HSDPA connections.

The google integration is easy to use as well. All my contacts (and I mean ALL!!) were synced across along with my email and calendar appointments. The problem here was even contacts which I'd emailed once, such as info@ or billing@ were suddenly on my phone. The quickest way to resolve this was to delete them from my google contacts online.

I've installed a few apps, and there seems to be a good variety on offer. Not as many as the iPhone, but the technology used for them seems to be more in depth and apps have clear purposes. I'm using Sweet Dreams which is an app I'd wanted on all my previous smart phones, so glad to see it on Android. It's not perfect but it's a good little app!

Overall, I am very happy with it. I'll see when the honey moon period is over, but so far, its by far the best smart-phone I've used.

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