Sunday, 23 May 2010

CBR 600 F4 Battery Problems

Now having the bike for a week, and doing around 130 miles on it, I decided to clean the bike.

Spent most of what was a beautiful Saturday, fettling with a toothbrush, rag, water and polish. Once clean, I always like to give the bike a little start just to rev it and warm it up a bit.

Went to start it...FAIL.

All I got was a clicking noise from the starter solenoid, but no fire. Now, for the first fault finding exercise I charged the battery for a couple of hours. This did indeed cure the problem.

I've now charged the battery overnight, but it does not mean the battery was the problem. I need to go out and buy a multimeter to check the battery is being served the correct voltage by the multimeter. I do not want to splash out on a new battery to have it go flat after a week!

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learned a lot