Sunday, 23 May 2010

Honda CBR 600 F4

After passing my test, I needed a new bike. The Yamaha YZF-R125 I owned before had to make way for something with a proper sized engine.

I plumped for  Honda CBR 600 F4. Probably not because I wanted one, but it was the closest, best priced, 600CC sports bike close to me. I would have gone for any of the current 600 range, R6, GSXR-600, ZX6R etc.

In the end, I was pleased to get the CBR. It feels safe. It feels poised on the road. Accelerating does not end in smoke or the bike pulling cart wheels down the road. It has more than enough power for my first bike and the acceleration is very different from the Suzuki Gladius I did my training on.

The Gladius had power all over the range, but none of it would feel like it was trying to push you off the back of the bike. Pulling the throttle back on the CBR after about 4000rpm actually makes me want to tuck up behind the front screen!

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