Thursday, 30 December 2010

My Aims for 2011

These are not New Years resolutions as I think they are pointless as no one ever keeps them! These are the things I'd LIKE to achieve in 2011.

Sporting goals:
  1. Complete my first sprint triathlon by May 2011, finishing will be enough.
  2. Get some proper swimming lessons as I'm terrible and a little afraid of deep water if I'm honest.
  3. Run sub 25 for 5k early on then sub 22 by the end of the year, if not lower.
  4. Get my Heart Rate lower than 45 (currently 47), if not lower.
  5. Run my first marathon (Nottingham Marathon) in September 2011. Just finishing will be enough.
  6. Run sub 2 hours for my second half marathon in March 2011 at Silverstone.
  7. Score a half century in cricket (If I get time to play!!).
Weight loss goals:
  1. Reach goal weight of 12 stone 1 lb. Only 11lb to go now.
  2. Maintain weight at correct BMI throughout the year.
  3. Look into possibility of surgery for excess skin if I need it. Not currently the case, but you never know.
  4. Buy a pair of 'Diesel' jeans just because I could never get my arse in them, and I always wanted a pair as my friends had them as a teenager, and they never fitted. Now they do!!
Life goals:
  1. Start moving towards a new career. Sports? Photography? Both?

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