Thursday, 4 November 2010

Session Based Testing

This stuff actually looks quite interesting. Session based testing might be a good addition to the testing skills.

I've always found exploratory testing to be quite good at finding out about systems and finding defects which are not on the 'critical path', and can often keep moral up as people keep an interest in what they are testing instead of religiously following the script.

The problem I found with exploratory testing is it is often hard to define what you've been doing to management without looking like you haven't been sat wasting your time. The benefit of session based testing is it allows you to define a 'mission' and achieve it in a short space of time.

It might also be worth working as a team on session based testing. If you have a relatively new team, it allows any newer members to work alongside older members of the team to learn the products in a productive way while also getting to know the people they are working alongside.

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