Saturday, 13 November 2010

New 5k PB

I decided to run Cambridge Parkrun again today, which was a little earlier than anticipated as I didn't want to run it sooner than a month before my last run there. The reason for this, to see progress. It is very difficult to see progress over a short period of time.

I ran it in 26.01, which is 17 seconds than a couple of weeks ago, but a little disappointing. The course was very wet and slippy, but I also managed 0.05 miles further than last time which probably added 15 seconds to my time.

I would have been happy to be sub 26, but the one second has made all the difference.

I find 5k's rather tough going due to the requirement for pace, and still being 1 and a half stone overweight really doesn't help over the shorter distances.

People I can beat over 5 miles, 10k etc I cannot beat at 5k. Yet.

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