Monday, 8 November 2010

Frostbite League Race 2 - Bushfield Result

The official results are yet to be posted, but I ran the 5 miles in 44 minutes and 23 seconds which was 37 seconds quicker than my goal time, and about 1 minute 30 faster than I'd managed in training.

The course was not easy, I was surprised. I started at the back (and finished there!!) but it meant running through a lot of people who were clearly too slow to stand at the front. After the start of the race it took almost a minute to even get running properly due to the crowds which didn't help.

Also, starting 1 minute behind everyone else in a race which is just flag to flag with no concept of when you cross the start line also means anyone at the front of the pack who runs the same pace as you gets a significant advantage as you will never catch them during the race and they will finish a minute in front of you.

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