Saturday, 6 November 2010

Jenson Button - End of this reign, and he changed my view

I never really liked Jenson Button. I thought he was a bit of a playboy, a bit of a chancer. Someone who had arrived in F1 because of any money he bought with him.

He always had a poor car. In a poor team, never really doing anything other than surviving.

During his Championship winning season, he only impressed me in one race. That race was Brazil, and he proved he deserved to have the title in that one single race.

When he went to McClaren, I thought it was a mistake. Against Lewis, in the same car, I thought he stood no chance. While has been beaten by Lewis, he had still looked like a classy driver even though the car was never quite there for him. I'm sure this will come with his development of the car.

The reason Button changed my view is the way he has behaved as Champion. He had cherished it, done so much throughout the year for the good of the sport, AND, done it with a big smile on his face.

Will he win it again? Who knows. But he behaved like a proper World Champion while in possession, and he will be remembered for it.

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