Saturday, 16 October 2010

How to work out the number of Weight Watchers Activity Points you've earnt

T x W x I (Time x Weight x Intensity) = Points

First thing, you need to know your intensity level to work out how many activity points you've earned.

There are 3 levels:

  • Light (0.000232)
  • Moderate (0.000327)
  • Intense (0.0008077)
It is difficult to work out what your exercise level is, but Weight Watchers can help here. If not, use the talk test. If you can talk without problem, it's light. If you can talk with some difficulty, but not a real issue, it's moderate. If you can barely utter a word, it's Intense.

Now you have the level of intensity, the next bit is simply your current weight in Pounds. 

Finally, you need the time you exercised for. 

To get your activity points earned, just follow this example for a 160 pound man, running at moderate intensity for 30 minutes:

30 (Time) x 160 (Weight) x 0.000327 (Intensity) = 1.56 points.

You always round it up to the nearest point or half point, so this gentleman would have earned 1.5 points in exercise on his Weight Watchers plan.

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