Tuesday, 28 September 2010

No updates for a while

No updates from me for a while, but I continue to keep running and losing weight.

I've lost just over 10 and a half stone now, or 148lbs in total. I still seem to average around 8lbs a month which is within the recommended 2lb a week which is apparently healthy.

Running is going well. I've started running with 'Ely Runners' (http://www.elyrunners.co.uk/), who are my local running club in Cambridgeshire. I'm okay when it comes to running 10 miles at a slow pace, but when it requires something like interval training I seem to struggle!

It's good though, its varied and it pushes me to do things I wouldn't do on my own. I've noticed using my Garmin that even in a few weeks my pace is picking up substantially. I would average 10 minute miles most of the time where as now I'm averaging more like 9.20's which over a 10k adds up to quite a bit.

Berlin in a few weeks time which should be fun.

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