Monday, 12 July 2010

Cricket Match 10/07/2010

A better match this week, as we actually won! First time I've played in a league game we have actually won! I've won in friendly games, but no league games.

Weather was roasting, and in the middle of the fens, it feels even worse! The wind does get up to help though as the land is very flat for a long way. Also helps with the swing of the new ball.

We decided to bat first given the heat. This seems like a sensible choice as the second team is at a distinct disadvantage. You hope they have run out of energy after fielding for 40 overs in the heat, and if you have scored enough runs, their desire to play has gone also. This is exactly what happened.

We managed to score 225 for 3 off of 40 overs. I came in at 5 with about 4 overs left and managed to score a quick 10 not out. Always nice to finish not out at the end of the innings.

I didn't wicket keep this week, and spent most of my time at point diving around to stop very well struck cut shots. I don't think one cut shot got past me in the entire game, so was very pleased with that. Always good to feel like you have contributed in the field, and I stopped probably about 8 different boundaries throughout the game.

In the end, we restricted them to 165 for 6. They were 33-3, so fair play to hang around, and they only did so for the batting points. They had no real chance of getting the runs, but the batting points could be useful to them.

2 out of the 3 teams won this week, so a much better all round performance after all 3 lost last week. It is also highly unlikely I will make the newspaper this week, so at least I won't be embarrassed again!

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