Saturday, 3 July 2010

Cricket Match - 03/07/2010

Another game today. We lost again.

Bad decision to bowl first on a very flat, very true pitch in the middle of the midday heat, in summer. Always better to set a score and chase. I often think you lose a batsman in village cricket as every wicket keeper doesn't want to bat high up the order after keeping for 40 overs.

I kept wicket again, and the muscle problems had gone. Shows your body does adjust over time.

I probably cost us the game to be fair. 4th batsman came in, edged the ball in between me and 1st slip. I dived, managed to get to it, but dropped it. Should have held on. He went on to score 140 runs and won them they game. Without them, we would have had enough to win.

When fielding we weren't great. Too many dropped catches and not enough effort pushing the ball. People just waiting at the boundary rope for the ball to come to them allowing singles, and also not coming in for catches which is an even bigger issue.

They did set a massive total of 299 off of 40 overs.

Batting wise, I went in at 7, and we didn't have enough overs left, and had to bat to 200 runs to get another batting point. Scored a quick fire 18, with a hook for six off the guy who scored 140. He had a really big mouth, so it went down well when he went for six. Suddenly he wasn't giving as much banter! He also went for a four the next ball which bounded short of another maximum.

All out for 212, and most days, that would have been enough. It seems at the minute that every team has one good player who steps up to make the difference. We have a lot of players who make contributions, all around 20-60, but no one goes on to make a big score.

Somehow, don't think I'll be keeping wicket next week!

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