Friday, 28 May 2010

Muc Off Chain Doc for motorbike chain

In an attempt to keep my motorbike chain clean, I decided to try the Muc Off Chain Doc.

It is really meant for a push bike chain, and to be honest, it didn't do an amazing job on the motorbike chain. It did something, but I'd be more worried about damage to the chain as it doesn't quite fit all the way over the chain.

I'm sure on a push bike its great, and on the bit of the motorbike chain it could get at, it did a good job.

My search for something other than a tooth brush continues....


Anonymous said...

Muc off do a motorbike chain doc.. try using that instead..

Anonymous said...

You think the plastic could damage your steel chain? They must be pretty durable in that case.

Jason Pattinson said...

It seems quite duarable. No damage noticed yet. The brushes are quite soft so don't damage the chain.

The motorcycle one is probably the way I should go, but didn't know they existed. When I originally looked I couldn't find one.