Thursday, 7 January 2010

Microsoft's Slate PC a disappointment?

Having read in the news over the last few days the possibility of a 'slate' PC to the market from both Windows and Apple, I have to say I was excited! Finally a device just a little bit larger than your average smart phone with all the technology my PC has. It sounded great.

Having seen the demo from Microsoft and HP, I have to say I feel disappointed. It had none of the fanfare I was expecting. It seemed like a Windows device packaged up in a digital photo frame. The animation of cycling through the pages of the book were non existent. It had none of the glitz and glamour I was expecting to see. I think I was imagining a giant iPhone running a full computer operating system!

I hope the Apple demo does more to inspire the market for these devices as Microsoft's attempt was rather poor. See for yourself here:

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