Thursday, 7 January 2010

Decisions loom on rural broadband

"The UK government wants advice on how to spend the cash being raised for next generation broadband in rural areas."

Well I don't mind throwing my two pence into the hat! Simple. Two words. Mobile broadband.

It is fairly clear that the UK broadband market is rather poor. Coverage/speeds are amongst the lowest in Europe, and we rank fairly far behind many of the newer EU nations. Simply this is down to their increase in putting in new infrastructure over recent years while we continue to use the out dated technology which has been the backbone of the UK phone system for many years.

What I fail to understand is why when we have an increase in mobile phone usage, and rising numbers of smart phones requiring large amounts of data, we are not covering the UK with fast mobile coverage? Done correctly it would be far easier to offer Gene her 10mb connection over a mobile signal than trailing a 12 mile cable down the drive to her house. 

Maybe it is just me?! I must admit I am a fan of mobile broadband, and it means you could take your connection anywhere allowing access for both your PC and phone on the go.

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