Thursday, 2 December 2010

Skins Compression Clothing

Having recently moved jobs, I was lucky enough to be given enough money to buy a set of Skins compression clothing. I'd been after them for a while, but was always put off by the price. As I wasn't paying for them I saw no problem in handing over the money for them!

I purchased a long sleeve top, running tights and in an offer, you got a pair of powersox for free which was a nice touch.

I wore the powersox last night and even went to bed in them. Very comfortable. I woke up this morning and had none of the usual tightness in my muscles or knee which has been the case for a while. How much is down to the Powersox I don't know, but my legs feel better!

I'll be wearing the running tights tonight and I'll keep them on after to see if they help. I'll post a proper review then.

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