Monday, 20 December 2010

Less than a stone to go

Well, I jumped on the scales this morning, and was shocked to see I was bang on 13 stone. That means, I now only have 13lb to go.

When I started, to only have less than a stone to lose seemed an eternity away, and it didn't really seem possible. It does show that anyone who puts their mind to something can achieve anything.

So, I've now lost 171 lbs in total, or 12 stone and 3 lbs since I started. That means I've lost 48.44% of my body weight since I began.

My BMI was 52.1 when I started. My current BMI is 26.88.

I have lost 171 lb in 87 weeks, at a rate of 1.97 pounds a week on average.

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