Saturday, 7 August 2010

The tale of the bail

Another cricket match today which we won. That's 3/4 games now we have won which is positive.

I was asked to wicket keep again today. It does mean batting lower down the order which can be frustrating as I don't feel I'm getting a chance to get runs, and people above me have lesser ability with the bat. I don't need to bat lower down the order just because I've kept wicket.

I took a sharp catch off the opening batsman. I thought I'd dropped it as I'd seen him advance down the wicket, miss it, and I was half way through a stumping before I'd even caught the ball. It just stuck. He did congratulate me afterwards as it wasn't the easiest take.

The worst part was off the bowling of a leg spinner. While stood up, he bowled the batsman around his legs, but the bail hit me straight in the eye. So currently, it is very painful. I had to keep the rest of the game with a pair of sunglasses on, in the rain. Not a good look. Someone even compared me to Stevie Wonder.

We were set a low score of 125 to win.

We started badly, and ended up on about 30 for 3. A good partnership took us all the way to within 4 to win. I just had to go out and get the rest of the runs before the heavens opened up. A quick single from the other batsman put me down on the strikers end as he was tired and didn't want to run anymore. I managed to connect well with the bowl, but the outfield was soooooooo slow! We had to run the final three, much to the other batsmans horror to win the game. We had eight overs remaining, but during the final run, the heavens opened up. Luckily, we just got the runs in, otherwise it would have been a drawer!

No match next week, so more time to concentrate on running I guess.

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