Monday, 23 August 2010

Jessops Terrible Service

Having bought my 7D, I had little or no choice but to get it from Jessops. No one else stocked the camera on the high street, so I was stuck. I didn't want to get it online and wait, so I had to get it from them.

I popped in to the Cambridge store to be met by a young lad wearing a Jessops top with the term 'expert' written on it. He clearly wasn't. He couldn't tell me the benefits of the 7D over anything else. How big the file size of an image roughly was for the camera, or how I full frame camera would benefit me over a crop camera. He knew nothing. He also told me I was wrong when I told him a Nikon camera on offer was full frame, he told me it wasn't. He was wrong.

I asked for a free memory card, which is not unreasonable on a £1500 camera, to be told flat out, no. He couldn't do it, and neither could anyone in the store. It just wasn't a pleasurable experience for something which isn't a cheap purpose. It should have felt momentous, not like I was buying a pint of milk.

I paid in cash and it took him, and some other 'expert' (they have a lot!!) around 30 minutes to check the money.

I was so annoyed at then being asked which memory card I wanted to buy, I told him 'none' and that I would rather pay 3 times as much from someone else than give them anymore money than was necessary for the camera. As it turns out, it was 3 times cheaper elsewhere.

I just found him and the service very rude. For a shop who only offer cameras, you would think they would care. They clearly don't. Sorry, but I hope in the future they get over taken by anyone and put out of business. They offer little to nothing to any real camera user.

Go to Tesco Photo, you would get exactly the same experience, plus your clubcard points.

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