Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Cricket Match - 24/07/2010

I missed out last weeks match (17/07/2010), but simply put, we lost.

We were put into bat on a pitch which wasn't ever going to get any better. It wasn't even level, had lumps and bumps, too much grass and was generally a mess. The ball would bounce at your throat from a good length, or roll down the pitch from half way down. It was so unpredictable.

Batting wise we did really well. We got 206 for the less of 6 wickets and several ribs, but it was a great score on this pitch. I came in at seven because I was keeping, so got a quick fire 9 not out to push us over the 200 line.

The bowlers were superb. Everything was aggressive, in the right areas, and we bowled them out for 63. I took two catches off the gloves, all very standard stuff, but it was because they were bowled so well.

The game should have been much closer as the teams were tied in the league, so it was good to get one over them as last year we lost by 2 runs in the final over.

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