Saturday, 19 June 2010

What a shit day.

Well, I've had a terrible day.

Went to play cricket for the first time in eight years. Started well, took a catch to dismiss the first batsman, everything is going okay. About half way through the first innings, I get told my car has been broken into while in the club car park.

Why? They stole nothing. They just vandalised a car. I work hard, I pay my taxes, I pay my insurance, my MOT, my road tax, and some scumbag manages to smash the window on my car, and somehow, it's my responsibility to have to put that right. I'm now without a car because of their stupidity.

My insurance will rise next year as a result, and the following year it will be higher.

Is this what I signed up for when I was born in this country? People who don't work, do nothing for society, are being allowed to dictate to the rest of us? Well thank you for years of children raising children who can't be bothered to get a job, get involved, but do feel the need to wreck other peoples property.

I hope the glass cut your hands, and it gets infected and falls off.

Ps: England were terrible last night. If it was possible, I'd sack the manager, the entire team, and replace them during the tournament. They would have been executed in North Korea for that performance.

PPS: I then dropped a catch, and got bowled out for three runs. Somehow, I will blame my terrible batting performance on the bastards that broke into my car.

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