Sunday, 30 May 2010

Long Ride - Nottingham

Having replaced the CBR's battery, I decided to give it a run to Nottingham. This is a trip of around 111 miles each way.

The ride was good, a mixture of Motorway, A roads and City driving. The bike performed faultlessly. Over the entire journey, I got 160 miles out of the tank. It cost me around £18 to fill it up completely, running it on super unleaded rather than standard stuff.

This gave me a fuel consumption of just over 40mpg, which I don't think is bad for a 10 year old bike being ridden in a 'spirited' fashion. It is higher than the new figures which suggested 38mpg.

My rear tyre does seem to be losing pressure, so I'll take a look at the valve first, and if this fails I'll check the tyre in the bath to see if the air is coming from the rim or a puncture. The tyres are in good condition, so I hope it will just be a simple leaky valve.

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