Saturday, 23 January 2010

Sky TV's customer service

I am often the first person to get upset when customer service is poor and will tell all and sundry about how I feel hard done by. I do not very often post about good customer service though!

Recently I moved house and therefore cancelled my Sky subscription. 3 months later I was still being debited the subscription fee from my bank account.

I rang Sky to discuss this to be told in no uncertain terms that there was nothing they could do as my account had never been cancelled. The best I could hope for was to remove all my extra's on the account and just pay £16 a month until the account expired in another months time after I had given notice.

Clearly I was upset about this. I had paid £100 too much, plus the £16 I was about to pay again.

I did my usual trick of emailing the CEO of the company to complain. I have done this with several companies now and it has never failed me yet. You always get passed on to a very helpful customer service department.

What Sky did next astonished me.

They agreed to refund me the money, and also my claim for expenses as a result of my time wasted writing a letter. I asked for £25 but they sent me £50 for this, plus the value of the refund. Amazing!

I can only say how pleased I was in the end with the service from Sky. Instead of allowing me to leave their company an annoyed member, they helped to sort things out.

If I move in the future I will not hesitate in getting Sky installed at my new property.

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