Sunday, 24 January 2010

Kings of Leon - Devils Song, Lucifer or New Song

I was watching some Kings of Leon stuff on Youtube and found the above video. It isn't on any of their existing albums so can only assume it is a snapshot of what is expected to be in their upcoming album.

It is apparently going to be a bit more bluesy and this certainly sounds like that. Looking forward to the new album when it finally arrives.


Evan Hammer said...

i just found this song on youtube. it's quite excellent. i think it's gonna be on their upcoming cd.

Jason Pattinson said...

Agreed, looks likely, and if not, probably an indication of what's to come!

Valentina said...

This is one of their concert only songs that they've been playing for years. I wouldn't expect to see it on Come Around Sundown, their new album, but it would be excellent to hear a studio recorded version of it.It's a very powerful song.